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We offer Orlando Weddings a great way to experience your Orlando wedding. Try our party buses for your group transportation!

There are many options for your wedding transportation.  All look good on the surface but once you look a little closer and ask some important questions, you will see that many options that you thought all transportation carriers abide by, is not a reality.

We have been in the Orlando Party Bus business for 18 years and have seen all the tricks and promises that some of our transportation companies in Orlando try to use.  There are many questions you should be asking before you reserve your party bus.

1.  Are you licensed?

2.  Are your vehicles clean, waxed, air freshened?

3.  Is the seating torn?

4.  How long have your drivers been with you?

5.  Does your driver know the Orlando areas?

6.  Is your driver able to communicate with me?

7.  Are you speaking the same language that the person you are talking with on phone?

8.  Are they courteous and helpful and do they take time with you?

9.  Are you on time ?

10.  Are your party buses clean and in good repair?

11.  Do they give you the total cost for your party bus, or do they give a low rate and then add on other fees?

12.  How is their driving record in Orlando?  Are they insured?

There are many things to consider when you use Party Buses in Orlando for your Wedding.

While we all look for a "good deal" for our wedding party buses, we have all heard that some of those "good deals" end up costing us much more that we thought by the time it's all said and done!  We receive many calls at the last minute because their party bus transportation didn't show up.  Make sure you are making a good choice.

We provide the following: to Daytona Beach, Orlando party bus to Cocoa Beach and  Orlando partu buses  to attractions, to hotels, to convention center, transportation to Disney