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Join Orlando's party buses on Halloween night and our cloaked ghostly figure, Ichabod with the deep, dark eyes and face as pale as the moon, for our much celebrated…

Haunted Halloween Tours and Activties

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There’s a chill in the air…swirling fog…as your hauntingly decorated party bus floats in to scoop you and your little friends up for your evening of frightful fun……

You’ll experience the chill in the air and the hot breath on your neck, as you pass the ancient cemetery where many a ghostly figure has been seen on their hallowed ground, glowing in the misty pale moonlight on your night out.

Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can hear soft sad voices speaking in French as you pass the cemetary.  Stay close to each other and  very quiet ….you don’t want to disturb the dead as we are only passing through and we wouldn’t want any of them hitching a ride ….now would we?

Do you see the hazy light flickering in the distant second story window?  It’s the caretaker…he’s waiting for Usssssss......

If you think your heart can take the spirits, ghouls and frightfully dead!

Now time is growing increasingly close to Bewitching hour of Midnight, and suitably parched from all the screaming….it’s time to hit some of the long abandoned old bar haunts….

Your ghoulish driver, Ichabod has long standing agreements (smirking) with many an old ghoul, but if you have any will of your own left….you can choose your own haunts to quench your dry as a bone throats and wash down that old dust from the manors of old.

Don’t forget to take some pictures of your old Ichabod….he likes to have some pictures to remember you throughout the centuries…


Our Ghoulish Driver....Ichabod, with his box of Halloween treats for the kiddies...

Halloween Goody bags with candy,decorated bus and your ghoulish driver awaits you.  Soda, water, ice and cups provided.

*Haunted Halloween Van and Party Bus Tours also available

**All pictures taken by Orlando's party bus are agreed upon for release to same for advertising.

***6 – hour minimum tours


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